Pre-School (Half Day)

Ages 3+

AM session: 8:30 am - 11:30 am
PM session: 12:45 pm- 3:45 pm


Our half day pre-school program offers both morning and afternoon classes and runs five days a week to create the consistency that is so important to young children. When children first begin school they will have the benefit of learning from older and more experienced children, enriching their experiences not only academically but also socially. 

The 3 hour cycle allows children to fully immerse themselves in an activity without interruption, facilitates the development of coordination, concentration, independence and a sense of order. As we strive to provide a caring and nurturing environment for each child, we require that children must be toilet trained and turn three by August 31st of the year of enrolment to to attend this program.

Learning Goals

The three year old child spends much time in the Practical Life area developing self helps skills, fine motor abilities and a sense of order in order to cultivate independence, focus and confidence in his or her own abilities. The Sensorial area is also introduced to refine his or her senses in preparation for later scientific study. The primary goal of our preschool program is to encourage the children to learn at their individual pace.

Child organizing wooden blocks from smallest to largest.

The Montessori Method

The main premises of our programs are shown below

Children are to be respected as different from adults and as individuals who differ from each other.
The child possesses an unusual sensitivity and intellectual ability to absorb and learn from his environment that are unlike those of the adults both in quality and capacity.
The most important years of a child’s growth are the first six years of life when unconscious learning is gradually brought to the conscious level.


You are invited to submit an application for your child for the school year that he or she turns three.