Pre-School (Full Day)

Ages 4+

8:30 am - 3:45 pm


Our full-day pre-school program is offered children at least 4 years of age. The program runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 3:45 pm. As this is a long day it is important to evaluate the readiness of each child to be able to succeed in the program. They will have their work cycle in the morning as usual with 30 min. of outdoor playtime. After lunch, the children have some resting time to be ready for their afternoon work cycle at 12:45 pm. At the end of the day, they will again have 30 min. of outdoor playtime.


Learning Goals

The second year student delves deeper into the study of Language, Math, Geography and Social Sciences. Introductory reading, writing and math skills are presented to the children. This year allows students the opportunity to assist their younger peers while still following the leadership of their older classmates.

In the second year, we encourage initiative and curiosity, which is why the children spend most of their afternoons creating projects based on their interests. Along with learning environmental responsibility, children will be eating lunch at school which allows a great opportunity to reinforce table manners.

Family Montessori classroom photo at snack time

The Montessori Method

The main premises of our programs

Children are to be respected as different from adults and as individuals who differ from each other.
The child possesses an unusual sensitivity and intellectual ability to absorb and learn from his environment that are unlike those of the adults both in quality and capacity.

The most important years of a child’s growth are the first six years of life when unconscious learning is gradually brought to the conscious level.                                        


You are invited to submit an application for your child for the school year that he or she turns three.